Report- and PM Writing

The purpose of report writing , apart form the examination documentation , the student should be able to have the opportunity to reflect over their learning. Writing process is a learning process. To express yourself so that others can understand helps your learning. simultaneously is the design of academic reports is simple. At the same time, the design of academic reports simple. On the one hand they follow a tradition where the structure and outline allows the reader to understand it but it leaves also suggestions for further research.

Common for PM and Report

File type, name and size

  • Digital documents are submitted as ONE document (file). The document (file) shall, where necessary include all attachments, if any pictures et cetera.
  • file should be of PDF, RTF or Word format
  • file name should be coursecode_task_username.
    • Example: "kit126_inl1_abc14001"
  • If not otherwise mentioned, e-mailed to all teachers and the record address as teachers indicated

Writing a PM

To write a memo (memorandum) is to write a summary report on a defined topic. The purpose of the summary is to write it to be short and sweet. In this course, no more than four A4 pages. Cover pages and images included.

The disposition should be easy to follow, ie headers are chosen to provide a linear result in your PM.

Writing a Report


A report's disposition is the artistic or logical order of content in a literary work (dissertation, thesis et.c.) A good and thoughtful disposition easier for you as an investigator and for the reader of your inquiry.

Do not interpret the following outline as absolute requirements. The headings of the report parts may be different and some variation in the disposition allowed. The parts are set within brackets can be omitted if the report is short (less than 10 pages).

  • Title
    The title should be clear and descriptive. It can sometimes be clarification with a subtitle. The title is placed on the title page (cover page), together with other information .
    The following MUST be included in the cover page
    • Group Name (if applicable)
    • Title ( and any subtitle )
    • task name
    • person or group members
      • full name
      • email addresses (school address)
    • code
    • date with year
  • Summary
    The summary should be separate from the report in general. You should be able to read summary and understand the content without reading the rest of the report. The summary should be brief problem formulation, method and results , complete and objective. Synthesis must not contain any additional information not included in the report.
  • (Foreword)
    The preface is there to talk about why the report to come, and why it is written. You can also thank the people who contributed their work or economic means. The Preface usually given its own page in the report. A preface is not necessary but can be omitted.
  • (Content )
    The table of contents makes it easy for readers to find in the report. design can be varied , 1, 1.1, 1.2 , 2, 2.1, etc.. The title page should not paginated. Table of Contents can be omitted.
  • Introduction
    The purpose of the introduction is to introduce the reader to the issue. The beginning is very important and should be written so that the reader logical and reasoned headed up to the challenges. The last part of the introduction should be done as a "soft " transition from Introduction to Methods / Results / Analysis.
  • Method/Results/Analysis
    This is the largest part of the report. Therefore it is often convenient to subdivide the text into a number of sub-headings. Here we present the material in a logical order which need not be chronological. Results described bluntly in a neutral manner. By naming and / or report the methods used so the reader can form an opinion as to the basis on which that outcome rests.
  • Discussion /Conclusions
    It discusses findings from a broader perspective. It should be noted that the section not to repeat what has already been written in the report. Suggestions for future work discussed.
  • References
    Sources used in the report indicated, just enter the key. References listed must be referenced in the text. It must not be general references, only those that are in the report. Use a through the same reference system. One proposal , APA reference. Read more about the reference system.
  • (Attachments)
    One can assume that most readers will not read the annexes. therefore, you do not need to read the annexes to understand the report. Attachments are only taken to provide the special interest with details. Important results should not be relegated attachments.


How to process a residue (correction) of a report. all the changes, deletions , modifications, or to come text to be marked with a yellow background. An alternative to this is in Word activate feature to track changes so that all changes can be seen with clarity.

In Word, activate Tools - Track Changes.