Competitive Production Systems - KPP202 - 7,5 ECTS - 2014

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This is the course page for Competitive Production Systems - KPP202 - Fall 2014, HT14.

This page will be continuously updated through the course.

REMEMBER to apply in time (10 days in advance) for the written examination TEN 1!

For preliminary information for most lectures see last years´ documents in the left menu under reference documents. Some documents are specificly copied as preliminary documents to 2014 years homepage and are then marked (2013), if they are changed they (and other documents) will normally be updated within one week from presentation in class.

Some documents are only distrubuted on paper in class att the specific lecture.

Visit to Volvo Construction Equipment 14-09-30, participate!:
08.15 MDH Eskilstuna, at normal MDH stop towards station
08.30 Volvo CE
Entrance to plant at 08.45 in full group, latecomers cannot enter!
12.00 Bus leave Volvo CE
12.30 back at MDH Eskilstuna
Volvo CE is at Munktellvägen, Brunnsta, Eskilstuna, the production plant.
Prepare one to two questions per group regarding Volvo CE and competitive production!


See Course Syllabus to the left, The Toyota Way, choose latest version, now available also in Swedish if preferred. Start your literature studies early in beginning of the course so you can use the group work and lectures for questions and discussions.


The examination TEN1 will be based on the book The Toyota Way and the course lectures including factory visit and own studies of distributed theory such as scientific papers.

Attendance and language

The course is based on self studies of the textbook and active participation in the lectures and the factory visit.

Three certain advantages of the course are

  • the lectures by people active in research and/or industry,
  • the mutual exchange of knowledge and feedback within group work, discussions and presentations, and
  • the factory visit to an internationally well established industry within the
    Volvo Construction Equipment group

Therefore we expect an attendance of at least 80% through the course.

The language in the course is English. In individual answers in TEN1 also Swedish is accepted. In group work and in discussions in class room please pay respect to each other and use our common language English in general.

Rooms, seats and breaks

In certain rooms there may be a need to use extra seats, please return them after use. Sometimes we may take breaks at altered times during a lecture e.g. to avoid collisions in restrooms.

Examiner for the course

Antti Salonen

Senior Lecturer (PhD) Division of Product Realisation
School of Innovation, Design and Engineering
Mälardalen University
P.O. Box 325, SE-63105 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Phone +46-16-153606, Mobile phone +46-70-9378469
e-mail antti.salonen@mdh.se

Coordinating teacher for the course

Anders Hellström

Head of Division of Product Realisation
School of Innovation, Design and Engineering
Lecturer Product Development, Lean and Quality Assurance, MScEE
Mälardalen University
P.O. Box 325, SE-63105 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Phone +46 16 155104
e-mail anders.hellstrom@mdh.se

Our programs and courses: www.mdh.se

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Reference Documents

Old Exams

Lecture 1, Anders Hellström

Lecture 2, Daniel Gåsvaer

Lecture 3, Margareta Hammarström

Lecture 4, Antti Salonen

Lecture 5, Anders Hellström

Lecture 6, Anders Hellström

Lecture 7, Anti Salonen

Lecture 8, Marcus Bengtsson Volvo CE

Lecture 9, Christer Osterman Scania

Lecture 10, Fernando Duran ABB

Lecture 11, Sasha Shabazi

Lecture 12, Anti Salonen

Dependable Production Equipment

Lecture 13, Anders Hellström

Presentations, group projects INL2B

Lecture 14, Anders Hellström

Presentations, projects INL2B, remaining groups

Lecture 15, Martin Kurdve

  • Green perspectives on Lean II, resent research results, see PP Le11

Lecture 16, Anders Hellström, Antti Salonen

  • Further Production System Development courses
  • Course review, seminar discussions on course theory and feedback on reports INL1, INL2A and INL2B
  • Calculations, Antti:

  • Calculation examples 1 141028
  • Calculation examples 2 141028
  • Dependable production 141028 replaces earlier issue at Le 12
  • Exam formulas 141028