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Order of Opposition

Now the opposition regime. All teams submitted final report on time, today at 12:00 with the result that all reports on the two days that are set for this, next Monday and Wednesday. It reminds us that two days are by default mandatory attendance.

Both the respondent and the opposing group is responsible for the final report and a link to the site on www3 exchanged as soon as possible so that opponeringsarbetet can begin as module #14 shows. The opposition takes place immediately after the accounting and opposition paper submitted to me at that time. Check the group participants.

Respondent Opponent
Group 1 Group 4
Group 2 Group 5
Group 3 Group 6
Group 4 Group 7
Group 5 Group 8
Group 6 Group 9
Group 7 Group 10
Group 8 Group 11
Group 9 Group 1
Group 10 Group 2
Group 11 Group 3