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Development of Web Applications with .NET, 15 credits

Course code: CDT223 Level of education: Basic level 200
Subject: Computer Science Area of education: Engineering
Valid from semester: 20091
Ratification date: 2009-03-01 Change date: 2009-03-01


The course introduces students to development web applications with .NET which include programming database integrated web applications with VB/C# and ASP.NET/ADO.NET

Learning objectives

Students shall after the course master in practice:

programming interactive web application with ASP.NET which include
- server controllers
- write code behind web pages
- handle page states

programming database connected web applications with ADO.NET which include
- data source connections
- structured query language (SQL) and stored procedures
- integrated query language (Linq to SQL)
- manipulate cached data or data direct on databases

Course content

ASP.NET and ADO.NET is introduced With Visual Studio and VB/C#. The course includes lectures and labs where the foundation of .NET is exposed together with common concepts. The three-layer design pattern will be used where applicable.

Teaching methods

The teaching method consists of seminars and both individual and group wise lab's. A project is performed in the group wise lab. The course can be studied as a web-based distance learning under condition of that the group wise lab still can take place. Visual Studio is used on all labs and can be obtained from the school.


E.5.5 Mathematics course C, Physics course A and English course A from Swedish upper secondary education or equivalent. (As alternative to Physics: Energy programme, branch: marine technology.) This is a translation and an abbreviated version of the standard eligibility requirement E.5.5. For all details please see (in Swedish) at www.hsv.se/sv/CollectionServlet/53/82/184/1242.html. For subjects and course contents (in English) for Swedish upper secondary school please see Programme manual at www.skolverket.se/english/publ.shtml.

Exemption from Physics course A


LAB1, 6 credits, Exercise, laboratory work
PRO1, 6 credits, Project
TEN1, 3 credits, Examination

Rules and regulations for examinations in undergraduate education at Mälardalen University


3, 4 or 5.

Environmental aspects

One environmental goal within the course is to reduce handling of paper sheets by the use of electronic information.


The literature is preliminary until 15 working-days prior to the first course opportunity of the semester.

Withdrawn! Damien Foggon, Beginning ASP.Net 3.5 Data Access with Linq, C# 2008, and ADO.NET: From Novice to Professional. - (Häftad), 2008. - ISBN 15-90599-16-0
Spaanjaars, Imar, Beginning ASP.Net 3.5: In C# and VB. - (Häftad), 2008. - ISBN 04-70187-59-X