INL1 - Missionstatement

A brief description of what is expected and examined at the moment INL1. The purpose of INL1 is to quickly establish a working basis to work on. Without a mission statement is the risk that the work will be larger than intended. INL1 can give 1hp with rating scales G and VG.


INL1 should at least describe the following:

  • Organisation, contact person, brief background on what the organization is doing.
  • The purpose of this website
  • Inventory of target groups
  • The context, ie the context in which the site should be at


  • Write a PM (summarized description) of a maximum of three A4 pages. Front, pictures and bibliography omitted.
  • Default everything - spacing, fonts, headings, subheadings, distance, etc.
  • PM is handed in by the group and not individually

Name the file (Word, PDF, RTF) to ite211_inl1_gruppnamn .

Submitted electronically to


Last Friday afternoon, the first week of the course