INl4 - Home exam

The purpose of INL4 are examining the ability to explain how to design the interface and graphic communications adapted to the interaction of a dynamic website (LM4). INL4 can give 1,5hp with rating scales U, G and VG.


INL4 is designed as an individual assignment.


The examination task will be given day(s), hours(s), minute(s), second(s) penultimate week of the course as a link on this website .

Sources which at least has to be used: Mandatory course literature, given and own internet sources and the lectures.

Hand in assessment no later than the same day at. 23:59.

Preliminary Rating boundaries (G 60% VG 80%): 41p = G, 55p = VG - Maximum points: 69 p

Enter references in the answers. Show criticism to sources where needed.

The scoring is a guide for how much you should write. Save the answers together with the questions in a file of any of the types of PDF/Word/RTF. Name the file "INL4_ITE211_username".


The home exam can be reached only on Wednesday 23/9.

To be handed in later the same day at. 23:59 . The exam submitted by the deadline determined by the time stamp in the mail system.