The course aims to enhance the skills of a communicator and to provide an understanding of how an organization can engage in publishing. This course gives you insight into what a web strategist (or similar title) might encounter.

Web publishing

Engaging in Web publishing is a broad concept. Organizations that need to communicate over the web needs to operate within multiple disciplines. Besides being writer needed insight into the organization to gain understanding of the technical platform that can fit. The technical platform consists not only human capital also of computer systems and the choices already made by the system investments.


I mean, in this context, that depending on the main objective of the organization's web feature to have, so you need to define a strategy for this. Different contexts can be

  • Trade
  • E-learning
  • Purely informative
  • The organization's brand on the web
  • etc ...

Depending on the context, one can take a decision on the CMS (Content Management System).