Branch Analysis and vocational guidance 7.5 credits

This course is the official course website. Here you will find information about the course as eg its objectives, methodology and examination. This information is your course PM.

Welcome to an exciting course where you get to try your own responsibility in the workplace.

You can also choose to do a bransch analysis. Then you are not primarily in any specific workplace but rather examining a certain bransch works where you might want to work. If you do an Bransch analysis then higher demands on the report than if you do the "practice".

You can also do a mix where you eg makes a combination of bransch anlysis and vocational guidance. However, consult with the instructor first.

Under FAQ you can find the questions we received and the answers to them. FAQ is constantly updated.

Depending on the courseline you are at, you have a course tutor to have contact with during the course and to you turn to with questions.