Course plan


The purpose of the course is that you should get a tutor-led orientation in a professional field related to nformationsdesign, its work and context. The course will prepare you for your future career.

Learning outcome linked to examinations

Learning outcome Examination
LM1 - show understanding of the link between professional practice and undergraduate INL1
LM2 - be able to apply acquired basic training that are relevant to the chosen profession/the selected workplace INL1
LM3 - be able to explain the context within which the profession operates, both from a subject perspective and a social perspective INL1
Learning objectives linked to examinations

Your choice

You select a project aimed at vocationally oriented specialization within your undergraduate programs, which must be approved by the course coordinator. It can either be done as a professional workplace orientation or through a project, which must be approved by the course coordinator, where you make a fact-finding and analysis of information design-related profession or activity.


Independent work with regular supervision from the university and, at the workplace occupational orientation, the supervisor of the workplace. You organize yourself this internship.


The course includes both theory and practice through knowledge from undergraduate linked to the practical operation of the workplace or the selected industry analysis area.

Practical information

The course runs at full speed, which means a workload of 40 hours per week. for practice, follow the best times of the workplace and disposal of the week. Just be aware that you need to have time to gather information to your report and write it. To have contact with colleagues is always evolving, especially if you feel that you "get stuck" in some way. Take advantage of each other as colleagues.

Before course start (prior to course period 2a)

  • Choose to do an internship in a workplace (vocational orientation) or an analysis of an ID-related industry (bransch analysis).
  • If you choose to do a professional orientation, the following...
    1. It is your responsibility to find a workplace where you can perform your professional orientation.
    2. Once you have received the green light if a potential site for professional orientation to register for this approval 2 weeks before the course starts
    3. Registrate your activity.
    4. Notification of acceptance/completion is given last week before the course starts. If in doubt, contact the supervisor by e-mail to set up a phone or personal meeting.
    5. The internship is not finished until you get the OK from both the employer and supervisor.
    6. After receiving the go-ahead for internship, then give your supervisor at work this descriptive information about your internship
  • If you choose to do an industry analysis, the following...
    1. You do Supervised independent analytical work should be a report.
    2. Proposal industry and an overall action plan is planned.
    3. Register your activity
    4. Notification from your supervisor regarding approval will 2 weeks before the course starts
    5. Notification of acceptance/completion is given last week before the start date. If in doubt, contact the tutor program coordinator for each specialization.
    6. Industry analysis is not finished until you get the OK from both the employer and supervisor.

During the course (course period 2a)

  • If you choose to make a Vocational orientation, concider the following...
    1. A key part of the professional orientation is to investigate and analyze the workplace and the professional role you try on. So you need also some time in the context of your practice to collect facts (conduct interviews, etc.), analyze and reflect of the professional role and the context in which you operate.
    2. internship and professional role must be presented in writing in an internship report. was clear about it when you discuss with a potential employer. (Strain if necessary by with your representative/supervisor at the college about any uncertainties in on the report.)
  • If you choose to make a Bransch analysis, concider the following ...
    1. Plan and implement written report that presents, analyzes and discusses an ID-related industry or profession (such as technical communicators in the automotive industry, municipal information work, new graphic work, exhibition design, et cetera.)
    2. You are expected to self-schedule study visits, interviews and other activities (perhaps follow one/several people during the workday.)
  • For both of the study methods, presentation is on Thursday and Friday last week of course where you oral observations of and reflections

After the course

  • The contacts that you establish with industry and / or internship, you should of course cherish, hold, therefore, in close contact with those responsible for recruitment