The seminar (SEM1) is a seminar with mandatory attendance. Rating G. To pass, the student participates actively in the concluding seminar.

How is the presentation driven?

Each one disposes 9 minutes for their presentation. What are you going to take up to best way to highlight your workplace/industry and to understand it? Ask yourself what you would like to know about your fellow students experience and new knowledge from this period. Good meetings and embarrassing events is also possible to take up. Include questions. The presentation is a separate stand-alone task, separated from the report/industry analysis. You can certainly use from what you wrote, but not read. Below are some points to be, and can be in your presentation.

Points to be addressed...

  • Required
    • Vocational guidance or industry analysis
    • Workplace/industry/occupation
    • Three (or more) interesting things you should know about the company/industry
  • Possible
    • Felt like part of
    • Best practice in the workplace, ie. how do you work/good industry practices, industry standards, bransch target
    • The most interesting thing that happened
    • This, I had to know before (knowledge or practical issues)
    • This I will try to avoid in the future
    • This is what I carry with me in the future
    • Interesting contacts I have received

Residue exam