Industry Analysis and vocational guidance 7.5 credits

Supervised Placement

Course Code: ITE305 Level: Elementary
Subject: Informations Design Education: Technology
Valid from: Autum -10 Major: Informations Design with specialization G2F
Determination Date: 2009-03-01 Change date: 2010-03-01


The course aims for the student to get a tutor-led orientation in an information design-related profession, its work and context. The course will prepare the student for his / her future career.

Learning outcomes

After the course the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the link between professional practice and education
  • To apply their acquired during basic training skills that are relevant to the chosen profession / the selected workplace
  • Able to explain the context within which the profession operates, both from a substance perspective, from a societal perspective


The student chooses a project aimed at a professional-looking deeper in their undergraduate programs. It can be done either through a workplace professional orientation or by a project (which must be approved by course coordinator) where the student makes a fact-finding and analysis of an information design-related professional or business.


Work independently with regular supervision from the university and, at the-job vocational guidance, the supervisor from the workplace. The student organizes itself any internship. During the course, also holds a pair of single collections in the form of scheduled seminars.

Special eligibility

45 credits information design.


  • INL1, 6 credits, grade Pass (G), Exercise, Exercise
  • SEM1, 1.5 credits, grade Pass (G), Seminar

Rules and regulations for examinations in undergraduate education at Mälardalen University


Pass (G).

Estimated effort

1.5 points (hp) at full-time equivalent to about 40 hours per week. For the individual, however, labor input, ie the number of hours per week vary depending on prior knowledge or other circumstances.

Environmental aspects

The course taken by the environmental aspect of methods and materials.


The literature list is preliminary to 15 working days before the first semester course.


Depends on the chosen specialization. Selection is made in consultation with the supervisor.