Information Design - Web Design, 7.5 credits

This course aims to provide basic knowledge about information design in web media. By applying theories in Information Design we build practical understanding for the requirements for communications with the web medium . This course covers also communication theories, web programming and project methodology and more.

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What is design of communication and how can it be measured?

A successful communication must say something to anybody to achieve a effect in most efficient way. Designing a communication is to seek answers to

  1. what should be communicated?
  2. to whom?
  3. to what benefit or achievement?
  4. how can the resources be used efficiently?

Reading List

Read about the literature and how to get hold of your copy to the course.

Literature studies/lectures

Lectures include theoretical elements in...

  • mission statement
  • web structure
  • web design
  • web graphics
  • information architecture grounds
  • web conventions
  • mission interpretation and description
  • usability testing
  • grounds in graphic and print technologies for web
  • programming language for the Web


The students work with a client that consists of an actual company or an organization. This work is done in groups. Group size is 4-5 students. The course includes theory in the subject and practical work with a mock-up sharply web project that includes the following elements:

  • establish a mission statement
  • fulfill the communicative needs
  • analyze target audiences
  • produce navigable web pages with text and images


First Level 100 No previous knowledge is required in addition to basic requirements.

If you have any questions please feel free to call on 016-15 3639

The course starts on 2018-03-26 with roll call and registration according to the given instructions on the web page here

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