HISU method - Phase1 - Research Phase


In short, is the group's only goal is to collect valuable facts to the project without to value the collection.

The goal is in this phase to have the following skills

  • Clarify the purpose of communication
  • message or content (text, images, et cetera)
  • inventory audiences
  • Competitors and Industry
  • organization's brand and position

From this knowledge, written job description gladly acknowledged by the client.


In the first of HISU method's four phases, we assume that a project has been created and a project team was formed.


What is the purpose of the project? The purpose may be, for example ...

  • Strengthening a brand
  • Sell
  • Changing a behavior
  • Inform
  • Influence

If the purpose is clarified, it becomes so much easier to understand what the project will lead to.

The content

The content is the message that the project will process and adapt the target.

Job Description

A mission statement, by gathering all the research, from Phase 1, sued of the principal. This mission statement describes

  • name of the client and contact information
  • brief description of the client's operations
  • client's communicative needs
  • purpose of the assignment
  • audience, according to the client
  • scope of the project (what to do) what are the expected deliverables
  • calendar with important deadlines, may contain so-called mil tones and tombstones .
  • any other information that has an impact on the project

This mission statement is submitted by the group as a single document to course coordinators.