Introduktion till informationsdesign, distans - ITE 117

Cooperation in groups

A good study form are encouraged to use the cooperation. Calls and reading of each other's work within the group are examples of good partnerships.

Communication between team members up

Frequently roads except teleconference is Skype and Google Hangouts to name a few that are platform independent. In addition to audio conference, you can start a video conference and share a monitor to display their content on the other. Prerequisite for this is, of course, access to a properly installed microphone and video camera. The group should urgently establish a means of communication to suit.

Communication between student teachers

Communication between team members up

If you get stuck with something you can easily connect to me as a teacher and share your screen. Together, we talk through the problem and try to solve it. I use daily Skype and Google Hangout. Contact me to get user information.

The initiative for guidance from the student . It may be a question, discussion, additional explanations etc.

With all these ways to communicate, I want to be clear that the first contact via email or phone . In agreement used other media.

Communication from teacher to student

Communication between team members up

All communication from teacher to student takes on the secure e-mail available on the school. Messages can therefore only be placed on your school-mail address. Therefore, make sure you can access your e-mail at school. Read more .

Check boronating between team members

Communication between team members up

Often the need arises to share electronic files and perhaps work in them together. It would require a shared storage space.                     Even here there are many proposals for such.

The following example has characteristics of being free. They are free cloud storage, with the ability to share folders for reading and writing. Depending on your previous experience and kontont members of the group will be selected suitable platform.