Practically, the course aims to provide you with an orientation in your field of study and study practical information design, workplaces and context. The course will also prepare you for your upcoming career choice.


Before the course - before reading period 2

Before the course you will ...

  1. Think about what part of the industry you might like to work in the future
  2. Create a strategy (mail --> phone --> visit?) that works for you to get a place ...
    • What do you want to get out of time?
    • How can you agree on information for you to join?
    • What information is appropriate for the course and you? What do you want to agree with, what do not you want?
  3. Establish contact at a place where you can complete your studies according to syllabus.
  4. In the encounter with your contact, describe the potential exchange that can benefit both parties
  5. In conversation with your contact person, discuss possible tasks/activities that you may agree that you should do
  6. If you need a place and a computer, this will probably need to be arranged by your contact person for course start
  7. Inform and contact your contact person that you need your own time for processing, analysis and documentation
  8. after the clearance of the possible place of study >> register here << you this no later than 2 weeks before course start.
  9. Apply for placement authorization from course manager. If you have not heard, remind me by email
  10. The internship site is not ready until you get OK from both the contact and coordinator.

During the course - in period 2

During your course, please note the following...

  • From the perspective of the course and higher education credits you have a cure, ie requirements for academic accounting
  • From your personal perspective, you can "try" your future career, try as much as you can
  • The site has the potential to lead to future graduate work? future job?
  • until the end of the period, prepare a presentation at the school according to the given instruction

After the course - after period 2

  • The contacts you established should of course be cared for. Therefore, keep in touch with those responsible for recruiting

Course Requirements in Location

  • Your studies should be related to Information Design and your focus on the program
  • Possible activities should be roughly settled and agreed in advance

Practical Information

The course runs at full speed, which means a work effort of around 40 hours a week. In practice, you follow the best way workplace times and disposal of the week. However, keep in mind that you need to have time to gather information for your report and write it.

If you have any questions please feel free to call on 016-15 3639

The course starts on 11/7/2021 with roll call and registration according to the given instructions on the web page here

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Johan Sundström