Project - PRO1 - 10 credits


Source: Course syllabus

To study how the course subject influences the design of information material within given activities through analysis, processing and production within the subjects area. To increase understanding of how information design as a subject of knowledge affects process, method and production within its field of activity.


For the grade Approved it is required to...

  • submit the assignment in time and is conducted according to given instructions
  • the link between theory and practice should be given through relevant examples from previous course literature and well-founded reasoning
  • references and source references should be included and consistently implemented according to Harvard reference system
  • gestalts should all be of good quality (in terms of text, image form).

Scope reminder

  • Range - about 25,000 characters (with spaces) ~ 10 A4
  • Images, attachments, front page and source list will be added

Hand in  NEW 

Regular hand-in takes place before the end of the course.

If you have any questions please feel free to call on 016-15 3639

The course starts on 11/7/2021 with roll call and registration according to the given instructions on the web page here

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