Seminar - SEM2 - 4.5 hp


Provide presentations of experiences and new lessons from the course. Those lessons need/should not be within the context of the learning objectives of the course.

The target audience of the presentation is the course's fellow students and listeners such as, for example, lecturer, other staff, other interested students and visitors.

Examples of areas to present...

  • brief - General Information - Organization and Market
  • Workplace - Environment. Equipment, tools, programs, technical level. Employment hiring phase? What are the different occupational categories? Salary levels? Who decides, formally or informally? How are incoming jobs dealt with?
  • Data Collection Methods - How did you get your material? Photographs? Interviews? Observations? Other information material? Literature? Timetable? Difficulties?
  • Tasks - Your Tasks During internship
  • Focus - Summary and conclusions - Summary of your new experiences. What benefit has the education been during the internship? Problems and points of this study, your relationship theory/internship. What have you missed in your education and do you think you need more in some areas after this study? Can you imagine this profession in the future? Tips for future career orientations.


For the grade Passed, attendance and presentation are required during the two days of the presentation

Presentation scheme here...

If you have any questions please feel free to call on 016-15 3639

The course starts on 11/7/2021 with roll call and registration according to the given instructions on the web page here

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