Learning objectives

Learning objectives related to examinations

LM1Identify and describe methods from an information design perspectivePRO1
LM2Identify and describe processes from an information design perspectivePRO1, SEM1
LM3discuss and evaluate ...             
  • methods
  • processes
  • theory
  • design
  • user
  • Test
  • outcome
... in relation to each other         
    Learning objectives linked to examinations

Analysis of Learning Objectives


Identifying methods used or which could be used in an organization requires time and commitment. When     Participating in a context, it is not always easy to get out of the role and identify methods. Book therefore     please spend time with someone and interview this.


Processes occur at multiple levels, both micro and macro. A process can be how a communication mission     processed from sales to delivery, A process may also be to include parts of the target group in the creation.


This is the big and right-handed wording of a learning goal. Everything is about describing all design work     which relates to communication in its context. Thus, not to describe the different parts individually, without describing     how for example Methods affect users who influence tests that give an outcome.

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The course starts on 11/7/2021 with roll call and registration according to the given instructions on the web page here

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