The purpose of this lecture is to provide information on how the examination is outlined.

This lecture is linked to learning goals 10.

Weekly plan 16-22 May

  • Examination
  • Group Management

learning objectives

To conclude this course, we can take a look at the learning outcomes again.

Learning objectives Examination
1. Interpret and explain a client's communication needs for the web medium GRU1
2. Adapt the presentation of information by audience, context and content GRU1
3. Design a navigation system for a website GRU1
4. Explain how to utilize established web conventions INL1
5. Explain the meaning of the field of information architecture GRU1
6. Interpret, understand and design the graphic design for the web medium GRU1
7. Interpret, understand and formulate writing techniques for web media GRU1
8. Perform a straightforward testing of content on a website GRU1
9. Using a programming language for web LAB1
10. Argue for a website design GRU1
11. Project work methodically from the interpretation of a communicative task to presentationav result GRU1

So it is these points that will be examined.


The Examination GRU1 contains four parts.

Part 1 - The report

  • The report shall conform to the description of Report- and PMskrivning.
  • Report shall be filed Monday, May 23, 2022. Submitted in time means that the groups intention is to present the work.
  • Report will generally answer the question:
    - What have you learned from laboratory experiments, literature and assignments within the confines for examination objectives for this course?
  • presentation should account for the entire project.
  • If authors name is missing in the headers acording ti given instructions, the report will be returned for completion.

Part 2 - The presentation

  • Presentation is targeted to students on this course. The presentation time does not take up all that happened in the group process. therefore, choose where on the scale one should lie in question of depth versus breadth. Generally, it is better to choose a few interesting pieces and immerse yourselves around this.
  • Everyone in the group participates active in the group work and presentation.
  • The Presentation will present selected excerpts from the project.
  • Demonstration of the project site is included in the presentation.
  • Even if you are not part of respondent or opponent group, you are welcome to listen.

Part 3 - Opposition

  • Opponent order is emailed after course responsive received reports.
  • Opposition is "sitting " and may be read by any or all in the group.
  • Opponents should be a commonly answer the question:
    Have the group solved the communicative needs in the context of this course? Have you done so with the help of laboratory work, literature and assignments? -Suggest improvements where necessary with support from literature.

Campus Students - Information

The presentation will take place according to schedule. Presenting group can expect to have 10-15 minute presentation.

Distance Students - Information

During the course last week, reporting is in agreement with the course coordinator. Holidays omitted.

Possible time slots for presentations is sent out via mail from course responsible.

The presentation is via Skype for Business. Everyone participates equally. Test the Skype communication before the fixed time. The student group responsible for this. Expect 60-minute presentation, of which about 15 minutes is needed to the presentation.

Email any visualizations, like Powerpoint before the presentations takes place.

For spacer group accounts may be opposing group and / or client invited if desired with this is optional.

Group Tasks

  • Discuss, plan and implement the report processing
  • Submit GRU1 report on the specified time
  • Wait for group to oppose
  • Send report to opposing group