The course consists of 11 pieces of clear learning objectives to be examined through three different examination items (INL1, LAB1, GRU1).

Learning objectives

Learning objectives Examination
1. Interpret and explain a client's communication needs for the web medium GRU1
2. Adapt the presentation of information by audience, context and content GRU1
3. Design a navigation system for a website GRU1
4. Explain how to utilize established web conventions INL1
5. Explain the meaning of the field of information architecture GRU1
6. Interpret, understand and design the graphic design for the web medium GRU1
7. Interpret, understand and formulate writing techniques for web media GRU1
8. Perform a straightforward testing of content on a website GRU1
9. Using a programming language for web LAB1
10. Argue for a website design GRU1
11. Project work methodically from the interpretation of a communicative task to presentationav result GRU1

Table showing how the learning objectives maps to exams and lectures




The course is conducted studies in groups and individually. In order to diversify the individual efforts of group work is an individual sub-task. Completed course is graded pass (G) and pass with distinction (VG).

To pass the course you need:

  • active participation
  • approved assignments
  • to submissions made in due time, unless otherwise agreed
  • in all disclosures shall own acquired empirical fused with literature, seminars and possible guest speakers

For Distinction required besides the above also:

  • active use and documentation of more sources than the compulsory. these sources shall be in the subjects of information design and information architecture. Moreover, these sources only be used to reinforce or criticize given literature, not to replace the given literature.
  • creative processing of theories/models reported.
  • practical application of theories/models.
  • high-class presentations


If cheating is suspected transferred the case to Disciplinary Board.

Links of plagiarism and cheating

On all modules

On the course all modules, the individual group member is responsible to recognize all of the work and answer questions about all parts group performed. It is not okay to split the work at the individual level to the point that they individual group members did not feel comfortable and have access to the entire group.

Variations on an individual level in terms of work performed must be immediately communicated the teacher

Score Reporting and residual

Rating notified within 10 working days after end of the course provided that all tasks is handed in on time, the last day of the course.

If the examining information is not supplied in time, the examination to be conducted on two further occasions

  1. 30 working days after the official end of the course (possibly holidays prolongs this time)
  2. 60 working days after the official end of the course (possibly holidays prolongs this time)