My Pedagogy

Here I describe my thoughts on the implementation of academic study. I will also refelect on positions that shaped my way of educating.

Study time General

As a student at Mälardalen University you have chosen to pursue an academic education. My responsibility as a lecturer is to

  • Inspire studies in the field
  • Tap knowledge from research so that you can take support from these when you formulate text
  • Start up thinking processes and convert these into your own knowledge
  • Challenge your knowledge by asking "why" and ask you to elaborate
  • Give you academic status by prioritizing academic skills ahead of the craftwork

I believe that your role in the future includes being a resource for others. I believe that your in your role in the future, you also develop your ability to pedagogically explain the state of things with the help of refererncing older and ongoing research.

Appear under the radar" is not a good tactic. It creates uncertainty and questions in me as a teacher and examiner. I need to know how thoughts, questions and academic knowledge is received and applied.

Being in a smaller studygroup in distance learning is very common. It is important that team members can and have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions of each other. Every member whithin the group gets the groups climate, the efficiency and the exchange within the group that it deserves.

Campus learning

All the lectures that you are present at assumes that you prepare yourself by reading tasks distributed. Getting to lectures without reading does not give the whole picture of what you need.

Distance learning

My personal definition of distance learning or "web-based distance education" as the National Agency calls it, is that the entire course can be implemented without having to set foot on campus.

This means that in my courses you can expect to have other conditions than campus students. The campus includes teachers, computers, software, personnel, materials, etc. If you can be without this and can take responsibility and for instance take contact with teachers when you need it, you have good conditions to succeed as a distance student on this course.

All students requires time-discipline especially in distance learning. Book yourself into your calendar as studying and clearly distinguish between leisure and study time. If the course is conducted on "half speed" over 10 weeks, you should spend 20 hours a week to your studies, which is presumption.

At distance learning the initiative to contact comes from you as a student in addition to mandatory tutorials and other meetings.

Writing Tasks

To be faced with a writing task, such as PM or report, has a purpose. The writing takes time but ...

  • Collects and gives words to your thoughts
  • Exercises your micro- and macro perspectives
  • Compiles your analytical thinking
  • Provides conclusions for you
  • Exercises your creativity, both the retorical and formal aspects

The reasons that we have writing assignments. Large parts of the examination takes place there.

Course evaluations

In order to improve our courses we carry out course evaluations. These are analyzed and compiled and sent to the department head. For this reason, it is important for each student to express when something is good or has potential for improvement. Do not miss the opportunity to use free text to describe both good observations and improvements as clearly as concretely as possible.

Any criticism that is abstract or unclear cannot lead to improvement, and is wasted criticism.

Student Comment (2013-06-03 23:48:58)
There is information but it is unfortunately not very clear. Seems be information that is no longer current. Ex. in some work modules for information for students who studied the course earlier. Even course information on the course homepage at ZoomIn is a bit difficult to interpret at times.

Action (2014-02-28)
This course is for the student wishes extended with more elements to be as comprehensive as possible. After 2013, a decision was taken to streamline tasks and to conduct a comprehensive review of the information provided. Remained only content that can be mapped to the learning objectives.

Student Comment (2013-06-03 19:00:08)
In several parts of the course is to depend on other people's effort to himself to be approved - please, reduce this. it requires too much work. mediocre contact with the teacher, feels that these have not been particularly present and/or available to students.

Action (2014-02-28)

  1. At the start of the spring semester 2014 exam torque GRU1 changed so that the opportunity is now diversifying group grade. Individual student in a group project can now be assessed on individual efforts.
  2. To that teachers be available during the studies is important. A prerequisite to be available to the student's office and planning of the allocated time. New model tested now with even more clarity when teachers are available for tutoring by phone, mail and visits.

Johan Sundstrom