Laboratory - LAB1

LAB1, (1 credit), only ratings Pass (G). Task examines learning goals 3, 9 and performed individually.


Based on the information below, a startup web design as well as two sub- pages. Structure of information created through HTML and design shall be done by CSS. design be developed for clarity and consistency. Navigation will be based on good information structure . Navigation will work across all files. Suitable image mannerisms, layout and form must be available. The text shall be designed to give high readability according to the literature.


  • Minimum three HTML files
  • Minimum one CSS file
  • Navigation on all pages that is also perceived to follow good information structure
  • At least three image files that interact with the text in a perceived good way
  • Design for ...
    • high perceived readability of the text that supports "browsing"
    • layout and consistent form in the different web pages
    • the design shall be based study of the given literature
  • designed must be based upon study of given literature

Result will be judged based upon

  • Layout - do the different surfaces have a clear and consistent distinction?
  • Text/image - is the text been made readable and does it interact with the images?
  • Navigation - is the navigation made clear and easy to understand?
  • Code - is the coding easy to read, validated and correctly written?

The content of the following information must not be changed but needs to be designed so that higher readability is achieved. The task is covered by at least three HTML files, and designed with CSS in a seperate file.

The Riksbank's role and tasks
Riksbank, Sweden's central bank and an authority under the Riksdag. Riksbank work is about to issue banknotes and coins and to ensure that they retain their value over time. It called for monetary policy and the objective is to keep inflation, the general price rise, low and stable. The Bank is also mandated to ensure payments in the economy can be done safely and effectively.

A fixed value - price stability
The Sveriges Riksbank Act, the Riksbank maintain price stability, which implies that inflation is low and stable. The Riksbank has specified a target for inflation, saying that the annual change in the consumer price index (CPI) 2 per cent . Riksbank's monetary policy geared to meet this inflation while it will support the objectives of general economic policy aiming to achieve sustainable growth and high employment . To influence inflation and economic development Riksbank decides the level of its benchmark interest rate, the repo rate. The repo rate is the rate that applies to banks that borrow or put money in the Riksbank. The repo rate influences other interest rates in the economy and thus ultimately economic activity and inflation.

A safe and efficient payment system - financial stability
The Riksbank has been mandated by parliament to promote a safe and efficient payment system. This means that the Riksbank shall promote stability in the financial system as whole. The assignment also to issue banknotes and coins. The Riksbank provides Moreover, an electronic payment system, RIX, which handles large payments between banks and other players in a safe and efficient manner. Riksbank analyzes and continually monitors the stability of the financial system for the early detection changes and vulnerabilities that could lead to disruption. The analysis focuses primarily on the major Swedish banking groups, functioning of financial markets and financial infrastructure needed for the payments and the Swedish financial markets function . In a crisis, the Riksbank may under certain circumstances provide temporary liquidity support for banks .

Riksbank's independent status
The Riksbank is an authority under the Riksdag . Riksdag appoints the members of the General Council. The General Council in turn appoints the members of the Executive Board. delegates will also supervise and scrutinize the work. Parliament has given the Riksbank an independent status. This means that the Executive Board take the monetary policy decisions without instruction from anyone else. By delegating the task of keeping inflation low and stable to the Riksbank, the Riksdag has monetary policy a long term perspective and created favorable conditions for the inflation target to be perceived as credible .

Financial stability good in the current situation - but the risks of dealing
The Swedish financial system is currently assessed as stable. But the Swedish banking sector size and concentration, as well as banks' extensive market financing, creates vulnerabilities that could affect financial stability negatively. The high and growing indebtedness among Swedish households also means risks to the stability both in the financial system and the real economy . The Riksbank therefore shares the Financial Supervisory assessment that it is necessary to increase the risk weight floor for Swedish mortgages from today level of 15 percent to 25 percent. The Riksbank also continues to recommend major banks to ensure they have enough capital and liquidity and to improve its public capital and liquidity reporting.

Riksbank's efforts to prevent financial crises
Under normal conditions, the Riksbank is working to prevent a financial crisis occurs . We do this by continually analyzing risks and threats in the Swedish financial system. The aim is to detect changes and vulnerabilities that would could lead to a serious financial crisis . A crisis in the financial system is serious and can lead to the economy shrinks, companies going bankrupt and people become unemployed. The economic costs could be significant. It is therefore important to work to prevent financial crises. Riksbank prevent financial crises by : • continuously collect information about the financial system • operating analyze the stability of the financial system • communicate about risks and where appropriate, make recommendations on measures that should be implemented to manage these risks • cooperate with other authorities in Sweden and internationally • influence presentation of financial regulations so that they contribute to the stability and efficiency • monitor and evaluate the financial infrastructure.
(Source : The Riksbank )


The three HTML files and associated CSS and image files are compressed into a ZIP file and e-mailed to Name the ZIP-file "kit126-lab1-username".


Regular hand-in date - 5/9/2022 9:00:00 AM.

Feedback on this submission will occur

  • Monday, May 30, 2022 provided it has been submitted in time

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