HISU Phase 3 - Week 6

Phase 3 of HISU method begins.

Proposed time: At least 15 hours.

This lecture is linked to Learning Objective 11.

These instructions assume that the previous HISU phases are performed.

weekly planning 2-8 May

This week is devoted to the following areas...

  • Activities in the HISU Method Phase 3
  • Group Management

Design and Documentation UP

This is the production phase. Here the artefact is created based on the result in HISU Phase 1 and 2. The input values ​​from the previous phases correlate with production is of great importance

Suitable method here is a sketch, wireframe. These sketches are described roughly at an initial stage. Information areas (header, footer, navigation, main content, etc.) should be in place in the sketch and get its proportions. Then it is possible to process the various information areas content with a finer sketch.

Now it is time to transfer information areas (blocks) to HTML and position them with CSS. To create layout it is possible to be inspired by my CSS movie about Grid-Layout or search the internet. There is plenty of CSS Layout Generators on Internet.

My personal approach is to start by creating only layout that works with HTML/CSS. I usually also add all layout styles in a CSS file and link additional CSS file with other "dfecoration Style". This not to mix the layout with decoration.

When designing, the design loop is a possible method. Do not forget that the design is made exclusively for the target audience and the brand.

Group Tasks UP

  • Start production of the site
  • Do not forget the report. For every interesting design decision, there should be a theory to support it. Begin reviewing structure of the report according to given instruction.