HISU Phase 2 - Week 5

According to scheduling, the HISU method's phase 2 begins.

Proposed time: At least 15 hours.

This lecture is linked toLearning Objective 11.

Hereby I assume that the study group has completed PHASE 1.

weekly planning 25-1 May

This week is devoted to the following areas...

  • Activities in phase 2 of HISU method
  • Group tasks

Strategy UP

One part of the strategic work of preparing a communication on the web is to understand how communication can implemented to be effective and to achieve the desired effect.


To better understand the target audience and what drives this, the Persona and Scenarios method is appropriate. Their principles are briefly described in chapter 2 of the course literature.


The desired effect is to answer the question...
-What should you do with the information on the web?
To provide sufficient information to the recipient to be able to perform, contact or come to a appropriate location are communication effect.


Effective communication is to give recipient correct information, at the right level and on his/hers terms. We can do that with web eg through image, text, image-text, movie.


According to SAOL, "concept" stands in our context for an "overall and supportive idea". A concept can thus be one words or a shorter meaning that gives the communication meaning. If a communication should have the property of being educational then we could a draft concept be "wise owl".

Another clear example that becomes very clear is the concept of humor. How this communication could the visualize idea of ​​ideas is quite easy to imagine.

Activities in HISU Method Phase 2UP

Brainstorm is practical as a Idea Generation Method while developing a possible concept that will describe the form, the theme or the way of communication.

Group TasksUP

  • Make decitions of a Concepts in the Group
  • Create Persona/Scenario
  • Document