Assignment - INL1

INL1, 1.5 credits, grade pass (G). Task examines the learning goals 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9 and is performed individually.


Choose yourself an "area" from the mandatory literature where you summarize how to influence the design. You may choose a "area" that interests you. For example, the "area" could be the design of "Navigation." Then your PM would be about the design decisions that affect the design of, in that case, navigation.

I don't want to read a "reproduction" of the literature, I want to read a "usage" of it. What are the effects/consequences of what the literature describes?

Your PM can be divided into the following parts...

  1. Problems
  2. Description with it's references
  3. Analyzes and summary

In the PM, follow up with concrete examples from the analysis of any Web page/site, preferably with screenshots and/or section of the screenshots.


  • Write a PM (sammanfattad redogörelse) med 7500 (plus minus 500) tecken (inkl. blanksteg). Detta ska motsvara ca 2 A4 sidor, framsida, bilder och källförteckning tillkommer. PM (summary statement) with 7500 (plus minus 500) characters (space included). This is equal to around 2 A4 pages, first page, images and bibliography omitted.
  • At least 5 references from course literature list (can be from one literature) according to the given reference management. Other literature obtained if they are relevant and with source criticism.

Name the file (Word, PDF, RTF) " kit126-inl1-username".

Submit via email to


Hand-in - Ordinary day of handin is Monday, April 18, 2022

Feedback on this submission will occur at the latest Monday, May 9, 2022, provided it has been submitted in time. Otherwise, given feedback Monday, May 23, 2022