HISU Phase 1 - Week 4

The project work starts here. The phase 1 of HISU method begins.

Proposed time: At least 15 hours.

This weeks studies is linked to Learning Objective 11.

I assume that each study group has notified me of the client and received my clearance.

weekly planning 18-24 April

According to the course plan, the study groups will now start the project.

This week is devoted to the following areas...

  • Activities in phase 1 of HISU method
  • Group Management

Research UP

Study the following image from the literature.

Sidebar: Web teams 1
Image ch. 3, page 65 (Credit to: Lynch/Horton: 2016)

Moving on the timeline from "abstract" to "concrete" is to accept not having all the answers from the beginning. The shift from strategy to tactics can experienced to be unclear. Therefore, please document concrete details like "Assignment Description" and chosen "Strategy". When decisions are made in the study group on Strategy (HISU PHASE 2), marks clear sign for the tactical part.

Activities in HISU Method Phase 1 UP


  1. Prior to meeting with the client
  2. During the meeting with the client
  3. After the meeting with the client

Prior to meeting with the client

Prepare within the group by entering the client's branch. Look up potential competitors' website and study how the branch communicates.

Getting to a meeting with the client without being prepared or not having a plan is likely to end in embarrassment. Be therefore open and explain that this project with the client is for study purposes but that pay-back at least may be the submission of an academic report on a design proposal.

Note that the client contact may not always be order-aware and can not always know what, for example, "the purpose with Website is. Answer as...
"-We want to be on the web" needs to be treated with
"-Why, can you elaborate what the visitor should do after visiting?".

During the meeting with the client

Note that while studying at a distance, the whole group can join a Skype meeting with the client. If only one participant is able to meet the client physically, so Skype is available to the rest of the group or the conversation can be included on Skype or recorded with mobile phone for later interception of others. When recording - ask for ok.

Find the least following answers...

  • All about the Client
  • About the target audience
  • How competitors communicates in the branch
  • Purpose of web communication

Obviously, best results are achieved with the client through active dialogue where yiu can ask the client if you not understand or have own ideas, instead of going to the next question. When the questions got concrete understandable answers, you can go ahead.

After the meeting with the client

Study the answers of the client together in the group and write a short assignment description as the least comprises...

  • Short description of sender
  • The communicative needs - both the sender and the recipient
  • Expected Lifelongers, Group, but also the Client
  • Time schedule

This mission statement can then be scrutenized with the client and revised as needed.

Group Details UP

  • Execute the HISU Method Phase 1 and document in the form of a Assignment Description.
  • The group leader sends the mission assignment to me at 4/22/2022 9:00:00 AM for clear sign.